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Pacagaia Creations Bloggers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a blogger for Pacagaia Creations


Owning an active blog 6 months or more
Create your own images (not use my images vendor) 
↪ Your images must be high quality
↪ You should do at least 4 posting per month
The event items are priorities in your post, the events have day to begin and end, if the item is exclusive to the event it needs to be posted before the END! At the end of the event they will no longer be selling anywhere else!
↪ If you have questions or find something wrong with the creations please contact me before you can post.
 Send report post, with links to your post from day 25-30 of each month
* You can send it in the group or the manager (Kaylalogan Resident)
*If you do not send the REPORT POST you will not compete for the award for best blogger of the month
(We have an award "Best Blogger" you need to follow all the rules to be able to compete for the prize)
↪ Have an open group slot to be able to accept the group invite
↪ I like to see the post with my creations, you can send to:
✦ Group notices of bloggers
✦ Facebook Fan Page:
✦ Facebook Group:
✦ Flickr Group:
✦ My Flickr:
✦ My Facebook:
✦ Facebook Manager:

If you have any questions please contact the manager: KaylaLogan Resident

• Users not meeting the above requirements, will be removed. Please don't become upset or angry when this happens.

These rules are subject to change without notice