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Pacagaia Creations Bloggers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a blogger for Pacagaia Creations


Regras em Português CLIQUE AQUI
↪ Owning an active blog 6 months or more
↪ Create your own images (not use my images vendor
↪ You should do at least 4 posting per month
↪ Event items are a priority in your post.
↪ If you have questions or find something wrong with my products please contact me before posting.
↪ Send Report Post, with links to ALL your post from the month of the 25th until the last day of the month.
↪ Report sent after the deadline will not be accepted.
↪ You can send it in the group or to the manager (KaylaLogan Resident) (Report that is not sent in the group to the manager will not be accepted)
↪ If you do not send the Report Post you will be removed from the group (This rule has been valid since April 6, 2017).
↪ Have an open group slot to be able to accept the group invite

✦ I like to see the post with my creations, you can send to:
✦ Group notices of bloggers
✦ Facebook Fan Page:
✦ Facebook Group:
✦ Flickr Group:
✦ My Flickr:
✦ My Facebook:
✦ Facebook Manager:

• If you have any questions please contact the manager: KaylaLogan Resident
• Users not meeting the above requirements, will be removed. Please don't become upset or angry when this happens.
• These rules are subject to change without notice
    UPDATE - April 6, 2017